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As of Wednesday, February 20, 2019, because of the price increase by our tannery and the cost increase of minimum wage going up, for the first time in several years, we find it necessary to increase our prices. Although we tried hard to change everything correctly on the website, there is a chance that some pricing could be incorrect, and we will always try and let you know before your order is placed. We will try our best to correct any mistakes as they come up as soon as possible but if there is a mistake, we will not be able to honor the mistaken price. We are doing our best to make sure all pricing is correct.



On a budget but still want a top quality kippah? This light weight felt kippah is unlined and very light but made from top quality felt. Kids love it because it is light and sits on the head nice and flat. Parents love it because it is inexpensive, yet from the outside, looks amazing. Even though they are unlined, they can be printed on the inside.

Felt are unlined. This shows the inside of the felt kippah:

felt1.jpg img-3099.jpg one-color-silk-screen-on-felt.jpg

A one color silk screen on felt  $2.75 each + 65.00 for a plate. Minimum 100 pieces

felt-1.jpg img-3098.jpg

Inside imprint in a felt kippah.

Children's Kippot 4 Art Projects!
Assorted felt by the dozen:
1 dozen or less $3.75 each
13-35 pieces $2.75 each
36 + $1.75 each
You can choose your colors in any amounts you want.....BUT this deal must be made by E MAIL ONLY. Email your order to MAZELTOPSMAMA@AOL.COM
felt-examples.jpg maccabi.jpg
This customer went with felt with an original order of 100 pieces. He liked them so much he ordered another 100. The imprint is on the outside and did not require any custom plate.