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Dear Loyal customers new and old,

37 years ago when our oldest son was just three, Mazeltops was born when I wanted him to have really unique kippot to wear. Since then, the business has grown and grown and grown B'H!

November 15th will be the last day of sales. Any orders on or before the 15th will be filled but no new orders will be taken after than date. Obviously, again, all orders placed before that date, will be fulfilled without any problem.

I do have inventory of certain items that I am going to reduce to wonderful deals to offer between now and closing. These things will not be purchased on the website but solely by e mailing me and telling me what it is you want and we will bill you when we ship. If you are interested in any items just e mail us and let us know.

It has been a pleasure and honor to know that your simcha was enhanced by the products that Mazeltops provided and that thousands upon thousands of children still walk around in a mazeltops kippah!

Thank you!


The following items have been reduced and are amazing deals. I will list them and then you can look for more details on the website.

Woman's Beaded head covers
1. Woman's Beaded head covers. Offered at $6.00 each (regularly $12.50 each) Look at the site for colors available.
Woman's Beaded head covers
2. All Mayan kippot Offered at $8.00 each. (regularly $18.00 each) Look at the site for colors available.
Knitted Kipot
3. All Knitted kipot Offered at $4.00 each. (regularly $10.00 each) Look at the site for colors available.
Clips Package of 12 florescent clips
4. Clips Package of 12 florescent clips. Offered at $1.00 each (regularly $2.50 each)

5. Clips Loose clips black gold or silver Offered at $.10 cents each (regularly $.25 cents each)

6. Surprise Box of kippot! This is a fun way to add to you or your child's kippot collection with amazing pricing. You will get a random selection of kippot with a wide assortment of colors and designs. You can request things like sports, traditional, plain suede etc and although we will not be able to fill a box with specific ones, we will do our best to give you an assortment of things that you would like. You cannot beat this deal! Minimum quantity is 10 pieces.

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4 BEST DEAL!
10 pieces 25 pieces 40 pieces 60 pieces
$10.00 $20.00 $35.00 $50.00

Free Clips & Imprint

On all orders of 5 dozen or more of select suede yarmulkes

Hand-Painted & Custom

Custom and hand-painted, which the yarmulke you receive is one of a kind!


100% family-owned and operated. Support your local economy!

Check Out Our Newest Arrivals!

Get Ready for Winter

with our latest embossed + foil styles

See Embossed Patterns + Foil Styles

Use Your Own Fabric

Megan & Jay created their own unique kippot with their own fabric.

Custom Fabric Kippot

Ultra Suede, Raw Silk, & Felt

Brand new product lines from Mazeltops!

See Ultra Suede See Raw Silk See Felt

Pacifiers & Baby Mats

The happiest babies sleep soundly on their bear rugs with their wubinub pacifiers.

See Shabbos

Tzitzit Sets

The Happiest Boys on Earth Wear Mazeltops Tzitzits!
Our newest design modeled by Shuey!

See Tzitzit Sets

Tartan Yarmulkes

Be proud of who you are! Let your family colors show.
Brand New Tartan Kippahs made with your family pattern.

Custom Fabric Kippot

Get Stoned

Personalized rocks for your loved ones funeral and unveiling

Order Now!

2016 World Series

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who won the World Series! Orders for Nov 4, 2016!

Order Now!


Order Now!
Our Family

Our Family

When I got married and started our family, I painted murals in the children's bedrooms and people who would see them would offer to pay me to do that. At that time, I thought that my only job in life was going to be a Mommy, but it was not meant to be! Being an Orthodox family meant that when our boys would turn three they would be required to wear Tzitzis and a kippah every day. Of course I wanted my son's to have "special kippot" and one way to accomplish this was to do it myself! If I remember correctly, my first kippah was a Ninja Turtle. My son wore it proudly... Learn More