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Custom Orders


Interested in a custom logo for the inside of your kippot?  Here is an example of a customer's logo for their wedding that they had us put inside of the kippah.  Custom plate, $65.00.




These were custom made for a customer who had the Bar Mitzvah on the field of the new Yankee Stadium

This idea was created by Dr Joel Gavriele-Gold for his dog Brouge's 13th birthday in which he threw him a BARK MITZVAH along with custom made dog bone kippot created by Chaykah. Dr Joel Gavriele-Gold is the author of When Pets Come Between Partners

Nick's smiley face Kippahs

Photos courtesy LuxImages

For a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

We just did 144 of these for a youth organization group called Youth House.

An affordable way to get all your students/kids wearing matching yarmulkes!

Welcome to Texas

Yee Haw!

It’s Alex and Eric’s Bar Mitzvah!

August 1-2, 2008



Get your team kippahs here!

This is just one example of what can be done. This was for an order for an Orthodox Boy's School's Basketball Team. It was a combination of embroidery and handpainting. We can digitize any logo to put on a kippah. Call or e mail for more information.

"I need a gift for a 3 year old who loves frogs. Frogs are the only thing he loves."

Perfect for the party!

These were part of 60 for a wedding where they supplied the logo and we digitized and embroidered them on.

They are perfect!

Many designs start out with a customer's idea.

"Can you please put our company logo on a kippah as a gift for my boss?"

Kippot for Bridal Party Gifts and Other Party Gifts

Sometimes a customer requests a certain picture or character which in most cases I have never heard of, and I work from a picture they usually email me as shown here

Made as a special order for a bris.

A Grandma made the tallit bags and asked me to make matching kippahs. I did the same star and incorporated the border of names coming out of it and going around the edges.

"My son loves to play golf. Can you create a special kippah for him?"

Just part of an order for a wedding party.

The grooms kippah is in white and all the groomsman got the border of names. The two fathers were given the Fathers Keepsake kippahs.

"My grandson is having a Star Wars Theme Bar Mitzvah. Can you create a kippah with this theme."

Often times, I will request a picture and you can see the actual picture I worked from.

These card ones were created for a man who made them for his wedding party that consisted of his poker buddies.

These musical notes were part of an order for a temple choir for Yom Kippur.

Joe Lieberman ordered these as his official campaign kippahs.

This is the logo of an Indian Casino Reservation and were ordered as gifts for all the executives.


Just part of the "Holy Cow" order created for a boy who was nuts about cows.






Boy's name in binary code.






Proud to be an American Marrying a Canadian! Custom order call for pricing.